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Bob Dawson has been paroled to Jim Hardie and is living at Brisbane, Nebraska where he regales the people with stories he is writing about them. Julie Kelehen begs Slim Sherman to appear as defense at her father's murder trial, but later they discover that her father has been hung. Hardie witnesses the murder of a Wells Fargo agent and naked focuses on several suspects, including two employees who have dark secrets they wish to keep hidden.

Manning wishes to obtain a deposition from Stewart stating that he served in Stewart's hartley during the war. Stars: Dale Robertson Release Year: The revolt by the people of Madden in a murder and holdup. A greedy Missouri merchant overcharges westbound settlers for goods and for passage to California then breaks a treaty with the Osage.

He decides to his replacement to go after Reno. When Hardie captures the notorious Johnny Ringo, the outlaw requests that he be able to visit his june, who is dying. Feeling sure of Porter's love, she tries to persuade him to kill her husband, Jud. Following the Civil War, Ben Sanderson returns to his home in the South only to be greeted by angry former friends. Later the dead man's two sons vow to kill Parney in revenge.

Meanwhile, a Chinese religious society claims the owl was stolen from their temple in China. His only lead is a young wounded outlaw. An apothecary seeks an antidote when a boy sinks into a coma after swallowing a concoction offered by a traveling medicine man.

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Blacksmith Jonas Sutton is elected sheriff. When a Wells Fargo manager notices the new guard wears a belt buckle similar to those worn by a notorious family of Texas outlaws, he begins to have second thoughts of his new hire.

A wanted criminal disrupts the serenity of ranch life for Kathy and Jed Lorimer. Regan Moore, discontented with her marriage, attracts the love of gunman Dix Porter.

With the help of the local sheriff, Jim pretends to be Jesse James and tricks the youthful criminal into taking him to the gang's hideout. Ellie Matson's husband, Jess, is a wanted outlaw. Once in Galveston their rivalry continues, but the outlaw is still on the loose, and a scheming banker threatens both businessmen. An aging cowboy finds that the successful business he has inherited from his brother is actually a house of prostitution.

When Sam Carter refuses to accept his share of stolen goods, he inadvertently places his wife's life in jeopardy.

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While riding shotgun to protect a valuable gold shipment, Hardie and his stagecoach driver have an interesting collection of passengers and cargo: a U. Army officer being sent to Fort Laramie to stand trial, a married couple and a baby. Sakall Release Year: InJeb Stuart, George Custer and other graduates from West Point are posted to Kansas to help pacify the hartley before railroad construction to Santa Fe can. An unemployed cowhand is hired by his dishonest friend as muscle in a dispute between homesteaders and a cattleman.

A Choctaw boy shows up with a note from Wells Fargo talking about a boy being shipped to his parents from his grandmother. Gino Pelleti, an Italian immigrant tailor, is saddened by the discovery that he is june his son's respect. While attempting to deliver a golden owl to its wealthy purchaser, Hardie is attacked and the owl is replaced by one of lead. Sheriff Parney hangs a local badman. Worried about his stories someone hires Nedy West to kill him and steal his naked.

Forced by personal circumstances, Marshal Chris Adams recruits a writer and five prisoners to help him eliminate a gang of Mexican bandits. Jim Hardie tries to prove a notorious gunslinger, Billy Reno, has been framed for murder and holding up the stagecoach after he realizes the case against Billy has come together far too easily. Hardie rides into Bridger to present a reward check to a man who helped prevent a stagecoach robbery.

A marshal, personally compelled to face a returning deadly enemy, finds that his own town refuses to help him. One digs for gold, the other raises the family thoroughbred. During an attempted hold-up, Hardie learns the man he gunned down was an ex-convict who had gone straight after being released from prison and investigates him.

Determined to shoot accurately, Jess is learning to shoot at sounds. A young widow and her son on an isolated ranch find themselves being protected by a wild stallion.

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After being gunned down by Johnny Reno, Jim Hardie is promoted to District Superintendent but finds he doesn't like office work. When a banker finds his stagecoach shipments of gold from Carson City are vulnerable to holdups, he commissions the building of a railroad through the mountains. Jim's train is robbed and he is left without funds in a small town whose businessmen refuse to grant him credit. But what he doesn't realize is that his partner and old friend is plotting to double-cross him.

An Australian sheepman comes to Montana looking for grazing space and is opposed by local ranchers and a wealthy cattle-woman. Linc Hardaway has a father who is one of the wealthiest men in the West.

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Chris Adams, the sole survivor of the original Magnificent Seven, is recruited to free a Mexican revolutionary from prison. Adams enlists another band of lethal gunmen to carry out the perilous rescue mission. Matt Grundy is trailed by the three Kerrigan brothers, who seek revenge for the murder of a bank teller in Sheridan. In Medicine Bend, a crooked businessman has the town mayor and sheriff in his pocket while his henchmen raid the wagon trains passing through the region.

Then Linc's father is murdered and he is suspected of the crime. During a bank raid, Miguel and his gang get away with several thousand pesos in gold. The owners of a trading post shelter a wounded man, unaware he is plotting with Indians to steal their gold. In his efforts to prove that he can do anything as well as his father, Linc encounters one failure after another, until even the girl he loves loses respect for him.

Jess Clark is an ex-lawman who has lost his sight. With the help of a friendly old pickpocket, Hardie manages to alleviate his money problems and bring the thieves to justice.

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A deputy is brought in to carry the bulk of Sheriff Corey's duties while the council ponders whether Corey has become too careless and quick with a gun. An ex-union soldier is hired to transport gold from a mining community through dangerous territory. Grant Coburn learns that his son has been hired as a professional gunslinger.

When a stage breaks down, a passenger who is returning home after three years in prison for a crime he said he didn't commit, becomes upset with his treatment. A cavalry officer tries to keep a lid on a volatile situation when Apache leader Cochise is being prodded into starting a war.

Jim investigates the murder of a Wells Fargo express agent. Two brothers part, agreeing to share any fortune they make. Hardie decides to take a gamble on him with a loan to solve a dispute. Mike Reynolds is faced with a major decision: to treat critically ill gunslinger, Dolf Akins, who once terrorized the town, or give in to the townspeople's wishes and let him die.

Two outlaw brothers lock horns when one gives up his criminal ways and goes to work for Western Union, while the other remains a criminal leading a concerted effort to sabotage the telegraph company. A man goes too far promoting a phony religious philosophy and must admit the truth to save his friend and benefactor from a lynch mob. When she realizes that their son admires Jess, she decides to show him just what kind of man his father is.

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He is faced with a choice between saving an innocent man's life or shooting down his own son. Hardie must determine if he is the boy in the note and where his parents are. Fleeing from justice, the criminal decides to take Kathy with him.

Twin brothers, half white and half Comanche, take different paths that overlap with a final confrontation in Rio Hondo. A june ranch foreman and an heiress are kidnapped and held for ransom by a trio of ruthless outlaws. A white man who rules several Indian tribes tries to foil a plot to steal gold claims from the Indians. The fearful townspeople claim that they've never heard of the man and when the detective investigates, he discovers the hero's grave. Slim Sherman tries to rekindle an old romance with Abbey O'Neill when she arrives in town to sing at a saloon.

After he takes office, the townsfolk pressure him into hunting down a murderer who ly saved Sutton's son. Ringo wishes for his criminal background to be kept secret, but another man may mess things up. A hartley hunter naked to bring a murderer to justice is forced to accept the help of two less-than-trustworthy strangers.

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